The Canadian Association of Medical Laboratory Educators (CAMLE) represents individuals who are involved in the education of Medical Laboratory Technologists, Scientists, and Assistants, across Canada. These educators can be found in many of Canada’s post secondary educational and health care institutions. This association exists to facilitate and mentor the education of current and future workers in Canada’s laboratories, as well as assist in ensuring that laboratory workers are qualified to practice and remain competent.

CAMLE endeavours to standardize the knowledge provided to students, with a view to meeting the competency based skills set out in the CSMLS competency profiles. CAMLE is involved in promoting nationally accepted educational standards for medical laboratory professionals; establishing and promoting communications among educators as well as other professional organizations and government agencies. CAMLE is also dedicated to encouraging and assisting in the growth and development of the knowledge of medical laboratory educators.


Typically one Annual General Meeting (AGM) is held in association with the CSMLS Labcon. The purpose of the AGM is for members to receive reports from the Board of Directors, election of members of the Board of Directors, and for the transaction of other such business as may be appropriate and interesting to those present.

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